Ezra Miller claims getting assaulted, filming it for ‘NFT crypto art’ in bodycam footage of arrest in Hawaii

Ezra Miller‘s arrest video from March 29 in Hawaii was recently obtained by TMZ and as per the portal, the actor can be seen getting arrested on disorderly conduct charges. In the video, a victim can be heard claiming that Miller spit in their face and attacked him. The video also showcases Ezra talking about filming assaults for NFT crypto art.

According to the video obtained by TMZ, The Flash actor can be seen interacting with the cops while getting arrested from a Hawaii bar where they say, “I got assaulted and I started filming. Let me show you the video. I got assaulted in this bar, twice in a row. I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art. ” Miller can then also be heard getting aggressive with the cops as they repeatedly ask for the “full name and badge number” of the police arresting them.

Miller who identifies as non-binary and uses they / them pronouns can also be seen expressing shock upon learning that they are being arrested for disorderly conduct in the video as they continue to claim, “I’m being arrested for disorderly conduct? I was assaulted. ” They further claim in the video, “The guy at that bar declared himself a Nazi. I have it on film and he attacked me”, via TMZ.

In one particular moment of the footage where Miller is being searched and their belongings are being collected, they talk about the Flash ring asking police not to confiscate it saying that “it means a lot” to them.

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