AMC Developing An “Alan Wake” TV Series

Remedy Entertainment

AMC is joining the video game adaptation trend, the network has bought the rights for a TV series based on Remedy Entertainment’s cult hit 2010 supernatural mystery-thriller “Alan Wake”.

Recently remastered for next-generation consoles, the game follows best-selling Stephen King-style novelist Alan Wake as he tries to uncover the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance during a vacation in the small fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington.

So begins a terrifying journey through the heavily forested volcanic lake town where loggers, miners, and even the local fauna have become possessed by a dark presence that can only be vanquished by light.

Blending elements of Stephen King, Lovecraft and episodic television, the original game drew much acclaim for Remedy who are currently making a sequel. Their follow-up works “Quantum Break” and game-of-the-year winner “Control” are all set in the same universe as ‘Wake’.

Remedy Entertainment Creative Director Sam Lake revealed the news today as part of the game’s 12th anniversary celebration and added: “We have been collaborating on making a TV show happen. Nothing more to share at the moment, but we will certainly let you know when there is something to announce. ”

Talk of an “Alan Wake” series first began in 2018 with Peter Calloway initially set to serve as showrunner.

The series joins multiple other games-turned-series in the works including HBO’s “The Last of Us,” Peacock’s “Twisted Metal,” and Amazon Prime’s series takes on the “Mass Effect,” “God of War” and “Fallout” franchises .

Source: Deadline

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