A woman reportedly tracked her boyfriend with an AirTag and then killed him

It’s been a little over a year since Apple announced AirTags. What started as an innocent way to keep track of your things, has grown to something more malicious over the past year, with stories of folks using the device in nefarious ways. Of course, this was bound to happen. But it looks like things have taken a turn for the worst, as Apple’s AirTag has contributed to someone’s death.

According to USA Today, a woman in the United States, living in Indiana, tracked her boyfriend using an Apple AirTag and killed him over a suspected affair. The incident occurred at the top of the month, but is only now coming to light by way of a probable cause affidavit that was obtained by the source. The woman shared that she had used an AirTag to follow her boyfriend, which eventually led her to a bar, where her boyfriend was meeting another woman. The two got into an argument, with things escalating quickly. Soon after, they were asked to leave by the bartender.

It was at this point that the woman got into her car and hit her boyfriend. She then proceeded to run him over, going back and then forward. The woman also attempted to chase down the other woman, but the police arrived and detained the assailant. Unfortunately, the boyfriend was pronounced dead at the scene and the girlfriend was later charged with murder. While this is an extremely isolated incident, there have been numerous reports over the months about people using Apple’s AirTags in unintended ways.

This has become such a problem that Apple has introduced ways to curb the issue. The company has released an app on the Google Play Store so that Android users can track unwanted AirTags. The firm has also added anti-tracking measures with iOS updates. Some states are even taking things into their own hands, creating bills that could make tracking with AirTags illegal. It just goes to show that while AirTags can be a life saver, they can also be deadly.

Source: USA Today

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