Ayesha Curry savagely tweets at Celtics fans after Warriors win NBA Finals

Ayesha Curry can cook, and she was even nice enough to share what was for dinner Thursday night.

After the Warriors clinched their fourth championship in eight seasons, Ayesha and Steph Curry celebrated the emotional win together in the same city that trolled her all series long.

And victory never tasted so sweet.

The Currys went back and forth with a bar in Boston after Game On! wrote “Ayesha Curry can not cook” on the sign outside their bar.

And Steph, the self-proclaimed “petty king,” had the perfect response after the Warriors’ Game 5 win on Monday. Sporting an “Ayesha Curry CAN cook” shirt during the postgame press conference following the win, Steph made it clear that he sees everything.

But the feud continued in Boston.

Game On! went a step further to update their sign to say “Ayesha Curry STILL can not cook !!” and even had its staff wearing t-shirts with “Ayesha Curry can not cook.”

A few moments later, they changed their sign once again to further fuel the fire.

The Currys did not appear to be too bothered by the troll wars.

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Steph even copped himself a shirt after the Finals win.

The celebrations will continue, and as Ayesha’s cooking, she can certainly add an epic roast to the menu.

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