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Today LEGO has revealed two brand new sets that pay tribute to classic themes from yesteryear. 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle is a 4,514-piece stronghold featuring a working drawbridge, a dungeon, secret passages, and more. The 22 included minifigures pit the Lion Knights against Black Falcons and Forestmen factions. It will retail for US $ 399.99 | CAN $ 449.99 | UK £ 344.99 when it debuts on August 8 (but VIP Early Access members can pick it up on August 3). Leaping into the future, 10497 Galaxy Explorer gives us a modern take on the fan-favorite spaceship that originally debuted in 1979. Keeping the classic space color scheme, this 1,246-piece set includes four classic spacemen, a robot, and classic play features like a rover than can deploy from the rear of the craft. It will retail for US $ 99.99 | CAN $ 129.99 | UK £ 89.99 and drops August 1.

See more images of the two sets below, and also check out more LEGO News on TBB.

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle | 4,514 pieces | Available August 8 (August 3 VIP Early Access) | US $ 399.99 | CAN $ 449.99 | UK £ 344.99

10497 Galaxy Explorer | 1,246 pieces | Available August 1 | US $ 99.99 | CAN $ 129.99 | UK £ 89.99

Here’s the full press release from LEGO:




The LEGO brand is celebrating 90 years of play with two new sets that reimagine original classic themes. The launch of these sets follows a fan poll on the LEGO Ideas platform – which saw over 55,000 fans voting for their favorite past LEGO themes.

The LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle
This new interpretation of the former classic LEGO Castle theme combines new building techniques, colors and fresh decorations with fan-favorite elements. The entire set opens up to show both the inside and outside of the castle. Plus, there are loads to discover such as the opening drawbridge, dungeon trap door, movable walls, secret passages and more! In addition, the set comes with over 20 minifigures representing both soldiers, forest people and knights. Plus horses, cows and even a castle cat!

Age – 18+

Model measures:

    • Height: 14 in. (38 cm)
    • Width: 17 in. (44 cm)
    • Depth: 12 in. (33 cm)
    • Pieces: 4,514

The LEGO Galaxy Explorer
This spaceship is a special LEGO 90th anniversary edition of the Classic 497 LEGO Galaxy Explorer first released in 1979. The new model still retains the classic color scheme and blended delta wing configuration of the original ship and stands on its three retractable landing legs. Space and LEGO fans will enjoy galactic adventures with features, including four astronaut figures, a robot helper, living compartments for all, and an extendable ramp that can deploy the rover.

Age – 18+

Model measures:

      • Height: 5 in. (13 cm)
      • Width: 20.5 in. (52 cm)
      • Depth: 12.5 in. (32 cm)
      • Pieces: 1,246

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