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During a weekend screening of his latest film, My Fake BoyfriendDean McDermott gave a sweet shoutout to his kids in the audience – and revealed one reason why he loves the new movie – on an Instagram story posted by his oldest son, Jack.

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“The thing I love about this movie is I got to share it with my 15-year-old who identifies as trans and my gay son,” McDermott said proudly, to a round of applause. “I love that they get a safe space to come and watch this.”

This is the first time either McDermott or Spelling has publicly mentioned that 15-year-old Liam identifies as trans, though McDermott did share a series of photos on Instagram last week that show him celebrating Pride with both Jack and Liam (in a pair of tie-dye overalls, to boot!). The day began with a drag brunch and included a hangout with Lisa Vanderpump. “We had a BLAST!” McDermott wrote. There was no mention of if or when Liam’s preferred pronouns or name will change, although McDermott still referred to the pair as “my boys” in the post – whether that was intentional or a force-of-habit slip-up is unclear.

In response to some backlash he received in the comments for taking Liam to Pride, McDermott wrote, “The High Power I believe in. . . Loves everybody no matter their color, sexuality or religion. Also, there is NO sexualization of children happening by taking them to PRIDE. It’s a celebration of life. You love all humanity and respect them. That’s our job here on earth. To love each other and leave it a better place for the next generation. I have amazing children. Gay, Straight, and they’re going to change the world and make a difference. If you do not like it, please DON’T follow. I do not want or need to hear your negative bullsh * t. ”

Spelling has been equally supportive of her children’s identities, noting in a heartfelt 21st birthday post to stepson Jack that the two “found each other on a new level with a whole new respect for each other” after Jack came out as gay at age 17. “I was so proud of his confidence,” she wrote. “He was who he was and he was proud of it.”

With parents as accepting, affirming, and encouraging as these, Liam is one lucky kid.

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