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Even Grand Theft Auto V that number two only had 54% of Elden Ring’s total views.

Earlier this week YouTube Gaming posted an infographic showing just how popular Fire Ring was on the streaming site over the first two months of its release.

Fire Ring had by far the largest number of views compared to the other games listed. Even Grand Theft Auto V that number two only had 54% of Elden Ring’s total views. The other four list games were all under 50%—with Skyrim having a more 13% of Elden Ring’s total.

The uploads by boss isn’t too surprising. Margit is the first truly difficult boss that players are likely to run into—even more so for under-leveled players who were simply following the plot and had done no extra dungeons. Malenia, on the other hand, is often considered not only the hardest boss in Fire Ring but also the hardest boss in all the “Soulsborne” titles. As for the rest, Godrick is the boss at the end of the first main dungeon while Radahn is perhaps the game’s most epic fight—not to mention a major spike in difficulty during the game’s midpoint. The only real surprise is the Draconic Tree Sentinel. While it is a sticking point for many (as it blocks the door leading to the second half of the game), the picture on the infographic is of the normal Tree Sentinel—which sits just outside the tutorial to teach newbie players the folly of attacking every monster they see. Perhaps, due to having similar names, they have been rolled into a single entry on accident?

Onto uploads by character class, it’s also largely what you’d expect to see as an Fire Ring hell. Samurai is largely considered the best of the melee classes in the early game thanks to weapons like the Moonveil Katana and Rivers of Blood. Meanwhile, the Hero is good for starting strength builds while the Wretch presents the most challenging start to the game. And as for Astrologers, well, that’s the best class for creating magic builds.

And as for their “Elden Lord Awards,” as someone who has played the game obsessively, I can recommend you check out all those channels.

Source: YouTube Gaming on Twitter

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