An Overlooked Reason The Bears Won’t Let Justin Fields Air It Out

For decades, Chicago Bears fans have been asked to be patient with the quarterback position. They’re tired of watching other teams enjoy having passers that can take over games. When Justin Fields was drafted, they had visions of that dream finally coming true. Outsiders can’t understand the depression of Bears fans watching that game on Sunday night in Green Bay. It’s a movie they’ve seen far too many times. Fields looked uncomfortable and totally overmatched by the responsibilities of his position.

People just want to see him air it out. Throw that football around the yard. Live with the mistakes so he can learn how to play at this level. Yet offensive coordinator Luke Getsy made it clear his job is to do what’s right for the Bears. Each game plan is dictated by matchup, not a selfish desire to see one player put up gaudy stats. If that holds true, then Bears fans may have to wait several weeks before getting a chance to see Fields cut loose.

Justin Fields must take a back seat to the running game.

Well, that isn’t because Getsy and head coach Matt Eberflus are stuck in the 1950s. It is for two reasons. The first is it’s the strength of the Bears offense. They proved it in Green Bay, trampling the Packers for 180 yards. David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert are a formidable tandem. Secondly, there is the schedule. A consistent correlation exists between the next four opponents the Bears face. All of them have weak run defenses.

  • Houston – 30th
  • New York – 18th
  • Minnesota – 23rd
  • Washington – 28th

Smart football teams do their best to put their strength on the opposing weakness. The logical course of action is to attack those four teams with Montgomery and Herbert, even if it means relegating Justin Fields to the backburner. If anything, this might be a blessing in disguise. By not putting all the pressure on the young QB to carry the load, the Bears will be able to bring him along gradually.

As opponents work harder to stop the run, that should open up better opportunities to pass. Sometimes the schedule doesn’t acquiesce to what the fans want. The clear route to winning games over the next month is on the ground. Expect the Bears to take it.

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